"I've spent my whole life looking for the intersection of meaning and money. I'll prove to you that it exists."


I'm Nicholas Crown.

Today, I'm an entrepreneur and content creator. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, I was an a young Wall Street trader hungry to carve my own path. After leaving my day job behind, I set out to find happiness and money on a journey doing only the things I love.

Since, I've founded over five businesses, played a concert at House of Blues, invest in early-stage startups, and share my stories online. My goal is to show millions of others how they can get started on their journey too.

I've been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes, for my perspective on startups, global finance, and the creator economy.

I'm a graduate of Cornell University and live in Chicago.

My Core Values

Be Kind

Treating others with kindness and respect is a cheat code to living a better life.

Stay Creative

Creativity is your superpower to solving any problem you face.

Forever Iterate

When you get comfortable trying new things, you'll eventually find an answer.

All my lessons are in this little book.

I boiled down my model for building businesses, making money doing things I love, and problem-solving so that anyone can get ahead fast.


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Curious what it takes to be Really Rich?

Here, "rich" means far more than the accumulation of money. Learn the mindset and strategies that I use to stay healthy, happy, and, yes, expand my wealth.

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