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The New Book From Nicholas Crown

From viral social media phenomenon Nicholas Crown, whose “Rich vs. Really Rich” series has grown a following of over 3 million across social media platforms, comes a modern formula for building wealth in today’s economy based on ten points that include habitual kindness, optimizing quality of life over sheer dollars, and eight other revolutionary and timely principles.
Really Rich is a timely work of prescriptive finance by social media influencer and entrepreneur Nicholas Crown. Crown shows generations of businesspeople that without the social grease of kindness, immeasurable value would be robbed from society and innovation would grind to a halt. He provides readers with an original, ten-point formula for building wealth and happiness: 

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Nicholas Crown is a serial entrepreneur and macro content creator focused on the intersection of personal fulfillment and money. Currently, he is the founder of the specialist annuity firm, Revise Annuity. Previously, Nicholas founded digital growth agency, Amoeba, which was acquired in 2017. Before going digital, Nicholas was a fixed income arbitrage trader at UBS as Director of Futures Relative Value. Nicholas began his career as a pit clerk in crude oil and natural gas futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
He's been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes, for his perspective on startups, global finance, and the creator economy.
Nicholas is a graduate of Cornell University and lives in Chicago.



Nicholas Crown is an American entrepreneur first known for reverse-engineering popular hiring technology, known as ATS. Moving into marketing automation and AI, in 2022, Nicholas co-founded to give enterprise-grade AI sales tools to anyone with a small business budget. In 2023, Nicholas founded the fastest growing annuity brokerage in the United States, Revise.
As an investor, Nicholas is passionate about EVs and improving battery technology.
Nicholas is well-known for his viral social media series entitled "Rich vs Really Rich" that emphasizes how wealth creation starts with humility, kindness, and open-mindedness. The series generates an average of 30M impressions weekly.

Nicholas started his career as a pit clerk in the crude oil trading ring at the New York Mercantile Exchange in 2005 where he learned from the legendary oil trader, Mark Fisher. He later joined Barclays Capital on their repo trading desk in London as an analyst, later relocating to New York to switch to the rapidly growing basis trading desk.

In 2011, he was recruited to build a greenfield basis trading desk at the Swiss investment bank, UBS, in Stamford, CT and later, New York. Using UBS's in-house development team and a strategic partnership with an outdated trading platform, Nicholas built a co-located, fiber optic spread trading business from the ground-up. He signed flagship hedge funds, such as Millennium and Citadel to this platform and was rapidly managing trade sizes of upward to a billion dollars. He left Wall Street in 2014 to build his first business.

Outside of work, Nicholas is an award-winning guitarist and autosports enthusiast.

Nicholas is a graduate of Cornell University, cum laude.

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