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Mike Saloio

Co-Founder, Huddle

3.4M Raised, IDEO

"Being a founder, or creating anything new, is 90% about courage and following your own individual path. The 10% practical skills can be learned or hired for. Nicholas gives us a relatable guide to navigating our unique entrepreneurial journey."


Founder, Strangeworks

Prior Exit, Honest Dollar (Acquired by Goldman Sachs)

"This is a path to success crafted by an entrepreneur who turned passion into a compass and knows what it takes to turn your dreams into reality."

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Discover my tested methodology to make money doing only what you love.

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Learn how to "test" your way to success.

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This course presents my complete model for business and wealth creation that operates independently of fads, hot markets, and trends.

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  • Those stuck in an unsatisfying career track with a salary
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Section 1

The Limitless Unknown

In this Section, I share my insights on navigating the obscure world of entrepreneurship and how to find success fast. I discuss the pitfalls of blindly following others' paths to wealth and emphasize the importance of building your own unique journey.

We also explore the value of creating something valuable and how it leads to recognition and financial rewards. Throughout the video, I challenge you to reflect on your passions, perspectives, and opinions, and to embrace the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial world.

Key topics:

  • Why all get rich quick books fail
  • The difference between a map and a Field Guide
  • Learn how to embrace uncertainty today
Section 2

Taking Inventory

In this Section, I discuss the importance of recognizing and seizing opportunities in a world filled with noise and distractions. I share personal anecdotes from my time on Wall Street and highlight the pitfalls of following conventional paths.

I emphasize the need to embrace our uniqueness and believe in our own potential. Additionally, I provide strategies for future casting and cultivating gratitude as essential tools for creating a vision and finding fulfillment.

Key topics:

  • Build your first skill inventory
  • Meet your anti-hero to avoid becoming your worst enemy
  • Learn the magical power of Futurecasting
Section 3

Making Your First Step

In this Section, I discuss the importance of refining ideas and making micro-tests to achieve success.

I share my personal experience of creating the "Rich vs. Really Rich" series and how it evolved through iterations. I emphasize the need to calmly and systematically narrow down solutions until you find the winning one.

I also highlight the significance of keeping bets small and avoiding unnecessary cost/risks. Additionally, I explain the concept of micro-tests and how they can help turn big ideas into actionable steps.

Key topics:

  • Learn why small bets are the best bets
  • Run your first business experiment
  • Learn how to break crazy-big ideas into tiny pieces
Section 4

Encountering Other Explorers

In this Section, I discuss the different types of people you will encounter on your journey as an entrepreneurial explorer. I explain how everyone you've ever met who has influenced you is a fellow traveler, and some will hinder you while others will help you.

I also emphasize the importance of not being swayed by uninformed advice and recommendations. I categorize these travelers and provide insights on how to navigate your interactions with them. 

Additionally, I warn against False Guides, Thieves, and The Guardians of the Status Quo, and offer strategies to deal with them.

Key topics:

  • Why you should tune-out most advice from 3 key personality types
  • How to identify a true mentor
  • How to protect yourself from misguided advice and criticism
Section 5

General Hazards & Antidotes

In this Section, I discuss the hazards of traditional mindsets in the marketplace and provide antidotes and solutions to overcome them.

I emphasize the importance of understanding the true nature of preparation, the significance of passion in pursuing your work, and the fallacy of hard work as a measure of success. I also touch on the risks of gambling with investments and the benefits of investing in oneself.

Here, I encourage you to approach challenges with a childlike curiosity and to question societal norms that may hinder your progress.

Key topics:

  • Why uninformed investing will kill you
  • How to identify your "internal" rate of return
  • Why hard work isn't the answer 99% of the time
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Section 6

Breaking Ground

In this Section, I walk you through the strategy of starting a business from scratch alone, joining up with a co-founder, and buying someone else's business and modifying it. I share my personal experience and provide valuable insights on how to approach the process. I emphasize the importance of taking small steps and building momentum, as well as the benefits of starting with limited resources.

Whether you're a beginner or looking for advanced techniques, this video will provide you with practical advice and guidance.

Key topics:

  • Know when to go it alone or pair up
  • Learn the tricks of making a micro-acquisition
  • How to identify the perfect co-founder
Section 7

The Seasons

In this Section, I share the predictable flow and chronology of life's (entrepreneurial) seasons, particularly focusing on the "season" of confusion, which I refer to as Winter.

I discuss how confusion is a natural part of the journey and how it can lead to growth and learning. I also highlight the importance of creative expression, experimentation, and iteration in navigating through confusion.

Key topics:

  • Why confusion is always the starting point before a discovery
  • Learn when to pile on the risk
  • Why business experimentation never stops
Section 8

Uncovering Hidden Treasure

In this Section, I share my personal experiences and insights on the concept of hidden treasure in the field of entrepreneurship through iteration and awareness.

I discuss how staying in an environment for a long period of time can lead to unexpected discoveries and life-changing opportunities. I also share the setbacks and challenges I faced while building my AI company, which ultimately led to the development of a feature set that attracted huge contracts.

Key topics:

  • See why the biggest discoveries are always accidental
  • Learn how to reverse-engineer success from your biggest mistakes
  • Learn how to stumble upon million-dollar ideas
Section 9


After a long journey of learning tools and skills, it's time to share your knowledge with others. Sharing your story and the lessons you've learned along the way not only benefits others but also makes your own life better.

Here, I discuss the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship and how the more challenges you face, the more comfortable you become in navigating them. Join me in exploring the significance of sharing your story and inspiring others to achieve greatness.

Key topics:

  • Learn how to share your new wisdom with others
  • Hear why you must give back as soon as possible
  • Discover why you're the hero of your own story
Section 10

Putting the Pieces Together

In this capstone module of our guided journey, I provide an actionable eight-step plan that combines everything we've learned so far. Here we get ready to go to market together!

Key topics:

  • Learn the eight-step plan to building amazing things
  • Learn the most important questions you need to answer today
  • Discover how to get started immediately on your big idea

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More about me.

Today, I'm an entrepreneur and content creator. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, I was an unfulfilled young Wall Street trader stuck in a career track when I should have been carving my own path. After leaving my day job behind, I set out to find happiness and money on a journey doing only the things I love.

Since, I've founded multiple companies in AI, e-comm, and automation, made millions, and had fun along the way. My goal is to show millions of others how they can get started on their journey too.

I've been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes, for my perspective on startups, global finance, and the creator economy.

I'm a graduate of Cornell University and live in Chicago.

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