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Cut your way through "the woods" of business.

Getting what you want out of life doesn't require a fancy education, tons of capital, or connections. It requires getting comfortable with uncertainty. Soon, you'll think like a seasoned entrepreneur.

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Build your dreams now.

Learn the rules for entrepreneurship and how to blaze your own path.

  • Get started without fear of failure.
  • Learn how to turn your interests into a real business.
  • Avoid the pitfalls common with first-time entrepreneurs.
  • Use the power of iteration to never accept defeat.

Yes, it's possible.

This method has been tested by hundreds of entrepreneurs I've interviewed.

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Nicholas Crown by Ferrari

Use this book as your guide to…

  • Leave your dayjob behind

  • Generate passive income

  • Live in the destination of your choice

  • Start every day with joy & excitement

The right mindset and approach to entrepreneurship will change your life forever.

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Calling those brave enough to try.

You've never read a book like this before.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is a mindset that will support you in any endeavor.

This methodology has made me millions and was validated by hundreds of interviews with the world's top entrepreneurs.

Do not buy this book if you:
  • Are unwilling to ask yourself challenging questions - You are the only one who can determine exactly what skill to exploit first.
  • Are not willing to keep trying after a misstep - Your first attempt may not bear fruit, and that's okay.
  • Are not open to feedback - The marketplace gives harsh feedback. Some ideas work, others won't.

With a simple shift in your mindset, you could start living the life of your dreams.

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More about me.

Today, I'm an entrepreneur and content creator. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, I was an unfulfilled young Wall Street trader stuck in a career track when I should have been carving my own path. After leaving my day job behind, I set out to find happiness and money on a journey doing only the things I love. My goal is to show millions of others how they can get started on their journey too.

I've been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes, for my perspective on startups, global finance, and the creator economy.

I'm a graduate of Cornell University and live in Chicago.

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The Entrepreneur's Field Guide

How to Thrive in the Unknown

The Entrepreneur's Field Guide

by Nicholas Crown

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Fast track your way through the unknown.


Here's what readers are saying.

You will get started on your dream business after reading this book.

This is the exact method that I've used to generate over $100,000 a month on multiple business lines.

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